photo buddy, travel kaki,
member minum, kawan lagi.
dua puluh empat tahun sudah lari,
Tuhan kurniakan, Happy Hari Jadi.

have a very Blessed Birthday, Ben.


Elizabeth has a way of looking in,

And seeing all the pretty places,

We don’t have.

She has a way of saying things,

Words though merely dreams,

Hold true after the clock strikes two.

How she wishes the world wouldn’t pass her by,

In its attempt to circle the sun,

For her sun too has come and gone.

Within the spaces which time forgot,

She dreams and dreads two dozen paces,

For the shadow remembers not.

Elizabeth, she wanders near not far,

But the known paths sometimes trod,

More dangerous become.

The words of dreams are hers to mind,

From here to forever they trickle,

Steady hands fail her not, ink to skin put.

The summer breeze never felt so sweet,

As when across her eyes the colours danced,

And in that moment she understood.

Elizabeth knew the world was not for her,

Its ways were not hers and never would be,

The havens beckoned with whispered calls.

Towards the deep she ventured on,

The end of the world to see,

For if only longing could be put into words.

Elizabeth, oh Elizabeth, she has a way of looking in,

And seeing all the pretty places,

We don’t have.


For so long, I was certain that the world beneath me was solid.
Unbeknownst, I was actually living on an ice cube.
The melt has begun and things are steadily losing shape,
And it is here that I find myself - awaiting evaporation.


there once was an old woman who lived in a shoe,
she had three children, and another thirty two.
overcome by hunger, they eventually ate each other,
till the only one left was the poor old mother.


if I could trade mistakes for sheep,
I'd count the off and fall asleep.
and hope that by the time I wake,
a new day away, my fears would take.


I will never be gone.
definitely not forever.
how can I when you,
give me something to come back for.
you’re a part of me.
and you know me,
my obsessions hate missing pieces


it's true what you say,
I live like a hermit in my own head.
sorrow drips into your heart.


"the anger swells in my guts
and I won't feel these slices and cuts"



g: what the hell happened? looks like someone set it on fire.
a: oh, I did that.
g: ..?! why didn't you get a a hammer and knock it around a bit while you were at it.
a: oh, I did that too.
g: clown.


If I had forever, I'd give you more than half,
since all I have is three score and seven, you'll only get a laugh.
two thousand and eleven, in the year of our [my] Lord,
please let the time matter, lest I get too bored


too long has passed since lines and rhymes to paper by pen were put,
the thoughts that do spill in a flurry of words, overtake miles by foot.
the mind has a funny way of playing the heart for a fool,
nevertheless my heart is blessed, and the mind evermore a tool.



hear my cry,
O God,
I call
as my heart
becomes faint


madness looms.

when I only
barely enough of
hang on.






I awoke one day to a world without colour,
the borders were fuzzy, the horizon was further.
new to the world, I found myself bleeding away,
for in a world without colour I cannot stay

Sad was I that his life bled away,
I dipped a brush in his blood,
And painted the sky in rainbows and rays
Of light, and the land with rivers and floods.

Drew the horizon near, and gave the borders character
But as saturation increased and day turned into night
I rendered the universe in black and white

the wonder of which a brush stroke can yield,
be it colour to a dying world like flowers of a field,
until a universe though rendered in black and white,
would still hold the most beautiful colours ever in sight.



hello beautiful.

can I sit under your umbrella lemon,
I promise I'd be good,
'cause you're sweet like a summer melon,
and I'd stay forever if I could.


eager rival.

right before me now,
I can't get over how,
you are, and I am,
lost, distracted discovered,
time flies, as you fall into,
time cries;

for the way I,
wonder tonight,
for the way I,
want you,
and I'll try to find
redemption, and I'll,

pictures made of words,
barely capture, I'm,
coming undone,
you and I and always,
together, forever
time flies, as I fall into,
time cries;

for the way you,
fell from grace,
for the way you,
felt in my arms,
and I'll try to find,
perfection, and I'll



these situations.

you're worth losing my self esteem
clever words mean nothing
more to me than a lot of
hurt in a movie